As a newly-engaged couple, you’ve likely got a never-ending list of ideas, a desktop of Pinterest-inspired visions, and a schedule packed with work, friends and a bustling social life. With all that, the thought of planning a wedding and handling all the never-ending logistical details is enough to make you feel overwhelmed. 

Planning a jaw-dropping, luxury wedding 
doesn’t have to be stressful

Working with a wedding planner is the perfect way to enjoy your engagement and the luxury to show up at your wedding to truly enjoy it

Working with our team ensures:
  • A more relaxed engagement, allowing you to cherish quality time with your friends and family
  • The comfort of having a confidante with trusted experience in wedding planning, offering assurance and support whenever anxiety arises.
  • An overall more FUN experience, as you’ll have a Partner in Crime (P.I.C.) handling the intricate details and logistical plans

Our journey together begins with a comprehensive 'Discovery Session.' This is where your wedding story starts to take shape, and we're excited to listen to every detail that will make your day uniquely yours.

Step 1. Connection Call

This is where we put in the heavy lifting.

Here, we focus on bringing your wedding vision to life. We carefully select vendors that match your style, budget, and personality, ensuring every detail aligns with your dream. Our team handles all the logistics, from vendor coordination to day-of execution, for a seamless and exceptional celebration.

Step 2. Planning & Design

On the big day, our team is there from beginning to end, meticulously overseeing every aspect to guarantee a flawless celebration. From coordinating setup to guiding the wedding party, adjusting your attire, and even assisting with cake cutting, we ensure every moment unfolds seamlessly, allowing you to enjoy your day to the fullest.

Let's talk about your day!

Step 3. Wedding Day Execution - Perfecting Every Moment!

Our process

“LLC Events made the whole process effortless for me and my family. It made me realize that hiring them was the best money we spent.” 

Paige, bride

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Experience luxury planning for
full weekend celebrations with our expertly crafted package. We handle all aspects, from detailed scheduling to vendor coordination, ensuring your entire weekend is a seamless expression of your story, while you savor every moment of this extended, joyous occasion.

Full Weekend Celebrations

Our Services

Curated planning to elevate your event

For any of life's special celebrations, we offer an expert team for planning, consulting, and coordination for private or corporate functions. We can ensure a seamless event with curated details, prioritizing a thoughtful guest experience that allows you to focus on your role as host.

Celebratory Social Events

After you've meticulously planned every detail, we step in with our Wedding Management package. We'll seamlessly take the reins, ensuring your vision is executed flawlessly on your wedding day, with expert coordination and attention to every detail, transforming your hard work into a beautifully realized celebration.

Wedding Management starts at $3000

Wedding Management

Our luxury wedding day package offers meticulous planning, styling, and coordination for couples. We expertly manage everything from vendor selection to budget and day-of execution, ensuring your celebration reflects your vision, while you enjoy a stress-free engagement and a beautifully orchestrated wedding day.

Full-Service Wedding Day Planning

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If you're keen on handling the planning yourself but could use some expert guidance along the way, our VIP Event Planning Day is your ideal choice. This package offers focused, one-on-one professional advice within a set time frame to accommodate your busy schedule!

VIP Planning Day

Emmy, bride

They were eager to make my dreams come true, and they understood my vision and style to a T.
I felt cared for and supported through it all!

“I felt like we had been life long teammates and friends during the wedding season."

Because you know the details DO matter...

We’re excited to join you on this journey and guide you in:

  • Seamlessly integrating all elements of your celebration.
  • Navigating the planning process with a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished.
  • Harmonizing the myriad of opinions from family, friends, and vendors into a cohesive vision.
  • Curating a refined design that reflects your style, steering away from the clutter of mismatched ideas.
  • Blending timeless elegance with modern, personalized touches to create a uniquely memorable event.

Rest assured, our expertise ensures that every detail is taken care of, and you’re on the dance floor having the time of your life!

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