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Welcome friend! I'm Laura Lyn- enthusiastic creative thinker, lover of all things 'wedding' and mother of 2, fueled by cinnamon dulce lattes and UGA football

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After days of brainstorming, my heart was sold on confetti poppers for our reveal. I just love the childish happiness that every person feels when standing under confetti falling from the sky. There are plenty of great sources online to purchase pre-made confetti poppers, but I decided to take the DIY approach. I just wasn’t confident in purchasing the product online and not knowing if they would actually “pop” for the big moment. There are several DIY how-to guides on blogs, and I think Lauren Conrad’s Guide is the most accurate to follow. An important note – none of the DIY guides online actually show the activation [launching] of the confetti popper. This can be very misleading for expectations.

The DIY Guide: Keys to Success for DIY Confetti Poppers

We were overwhelmed with the response to the recent photo that we shared on social media announcing that we are pregnant with a baby boy. I can’t express how warm my heart is from all the love and encouragement that you have shared with us. I hope you enjoy these photos [and outtakes] from our fun confetti photography session!

Gender Reveal Confetti Photo Session